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Competition Bracket Creator Bracket Software for up to 128 players with remote viewing

Efficient Tournament Management with Our Bracket Creator

Our Competition Bracket Creator is a powerful tool designed to streamline the organization of tournaments. Whether for sports, eSports, or any competitive event, our software makes bracket creation a breeze.

Not only does this software do all the heavy lifting for you during tournament set-up, remote viewing and monitor mirroring ensures everyone can follow the action, whether they are across the room, or across the country!

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Efficient Tournament Management with Our Bracket CreatorEfficient Tournament Management with Our Bracket Creator

Key Features of Our Bracket Creator

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Why Choose Our Bracket Creator for Your Next Tournament?

Our Competition Bracket Creator stands out for its user-friendly design, versatility, and robust features, making it the ideal choice for tournament organizers looking for efficiency and reliability.

Why choose our bracket creator for your next tournament? Bailey's Brackets Tournament Software offers unparalleled ease of use with its intuitive interface, ensuring a smooth experience for organizers of all skill levels. Our detailed 17-minute tutorial video will guide you through every feature, making setup a breeze. Should you need assistance, our responsive customer service team is readily available via email and a dedicated help line, operating 7 days a week from 1pm to 5pm CST. And the best part? You get all these robust features for the incredible value of just $9.99 per year. Make your next tournament a success with Bailey's Brackets!

Bailey's Brackets Tournament Software Subscription 1 Year $9.99 Create Account