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Customizable Bracket Software Bracket Software for up to 128 players with remote viewing

Flexibility and Control in Tournament Management

Our Customizable Bracket Software provides the ultimate flexibility for your tournament management needs. Whether it's sports, eSports, or any other competitive event, our software allows you to tailor every aspect of your bracket.

In addition to self-adjusting bracket sizes, the software allows you to pick one of four color schemes and in the unlikely event of a problem, you have the option to do database rollbacks. There is also a real-time help facility if you provide a contact number.

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Flexibility and Control in Tournament ManagementFlexibility and Control in Tournament Management

Features that Empower Your Tournaments

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Why Opt for Our Bracket Software?

Choose our Customizable Bracket Software for its unmatched flexibility, user-friendly design, and comprehensive features. It's the ideal solution for creating a tournament experience that fits your specific requirements.

Why opt for our bracket software? Bailey's Brackets Tournament Software is the ideal choice for anyone seeking simplicity and efficiency in tournament organization. Our software features an intuitive user interface that makes navigation and usage a breeze for users of all levels. To get you started, we offer a comprehensive 17-minute tutorial video that covers all the essentials. Our commitment to your satisfaction is further reinforced by our responsive customer service, available through email and a dedicated helpline from 1pm to 5pm CST, seven days a week. And the best part? You can access all these features for an incredibly affordable annual rate of just $9.99. Choose Bailey's Brackets for a seamless tournament management experience.

Bailey's Brackets Tournament Software Subscription 1 Year $9.99 Create Account